1. What is Digi Business Hub?
Digi Business hub is a platform that provides exclusive deals on partner’s solutions for existing Digi enterprise customers. If you are not Digi enterprise customer you will not get to enjoy this premium services from our partners.
2. If I’m having some trouble using the solutions provided by your partners, can you help?
The solutions are provided and owned by our partners. Please reach out to our partners support team for further assistance.
3. I don’t have the invitation code, how do I get the invitation code?
Please register your interest with us through the portal. We shall contact you for further action in 3-5 working days.
4. How do I subscribe to this Digi Business Hub?
Just register using your activation link
5. I’m a Digi enterprise customer, why didn’t I receive the invitation link from Digi?
We are launching this Beta Program to the targeted enterprise customer; if you are interested to join this program, do register your interest with us at https://businesshub.digi.com.my/interest.html.
6. How do I subscribe / sign up to your partner’s solution?
To subscribe to our partner’s solutions, please follow the below steps:
  • i. Sign in to the Portal.
  • ii. Browse the “Solutions” page.
  • iii. Click on “FIND OUT MORE” on the solutions that you are interested in.
  • iv. Click on “SUBSCRIBE” button, and it will direct you to the partner’s website. You can then proceed with the subscription / sign up.
7. Can I offer my company’s solutions or products via Digi Business Hub?
Yes, you can. Please contact us via https://businesshub.digi.com.my/ContactUs.html.
8. I've forgotten my login user ID / password. How do I retrieve this information?
Forgot Password
Go to Sign In and click Forgot Password.We will send you the reset password instructions via email.
Forgot User Id
Contact us if you have forgotten your user id.
9. Will I get charged for any solutions subscribed? When is the billing cycle?
The subscription is between our partners and you. You are advised to understand clearly on the Billing cycle, support and dispute from our solutions partners before subscribing to their services.
10. Are the solutions charged to my Digi plan bill?
No, the solutions are not charged to your Digi plan bill unless the solutions are part of Digi enterprise products. All charges are direct from our solutions partners.
11. Will I be tied down with another contract or is it with my Digi Business contract?
You might be tied down with another contract, we advise you to understand the Terms and Conditions before subscribing to the solutions you are interested in.
12. How do I get a refund?
Any dispute or refund is between yourself and our solutions partners.
13. Is there any deposit required?
There is no deposit required to get on board to Digi Business Hub.
14. How long is this exclusive offer for?
Exclusive offers under Digi Business Hub vary depending on the solutions partners. However you only get to enjoy such offers if you are existing Digi enterprise customers.
15. There is not much choices, when will you add new ones?
We review our solutions partners from time to time. Those solutions that are not suitable to the market segment will be removed and new solutions partners will be introduced every quarter.
16. What are the payment methods available?
This would depend on the solutions/services that you get to choose from. Most of our partners accept a wide method of payment for their solutions and services rendered.
17. How can I cancel my subscription?
You will need to follow the Terms and condition set by Digi solutions partners on their subscription cancellation process. Any cancellation of services is between you and our solutions partners.
18. Does Digi guarantee for the quality offered?
While we have a very strict and stringent selection process, Digi do not guarantee the quality of the solutions offered by our partners.
19. Can I share/transfer my subscription with others? Is there any limit?
You cannot share or transfer your subscription with others. All promotions and offers are exclusive to your company because we value our enterprise business customers.
20. Is there an expiry for these exclusive offers?
These exclusive offers will changed depending on our partner’s decision.
21. What happens to my subscription if I port out of Digi?
Digi solutions partners would be notified that you are no longer a Digi enterprise customer. However, you can still use the solutions provided by our partners without receiving the exclusive offers/ promotions given to our Digi enterprise customer.
21. Is there a subscription limit for 1 solution?
These offers may vary depending on the solution that you choose. You are advised to clarify with our solutions partners for further enquiry.